1 Postgraduate Programmes in Technology Management [Diploma, Academic and Professional Masters] The Masters’ programmes are available at Ile-Ife and Abuja Centres while the PGD is available all zonal offices with the exception of Kano and Yola. Application Fee: PGD-N5000 |Masters-N10000 I. To develop in participants a deep understanding of how S&T can be harnessed for economic development; help participants comprehend the role of technology within the framework of business strategy and objectives; and develop skills to manage technological change in various sectors of the economy. 2016/2017 Admission in Progress Fresh Graduates/ Middlehigh level Officers in MDAs/Research Institutes
2 Capacity building Workshop for Postgraduate Students on Technological Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development [Fee: N40,000] I. To expose the participants to entrepreneurship opportunities available within the NIS to graduates 16th May, 2017 Graduates and Postgraduate Students
3 Experts Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for Economic Diversification [Strictly by invitation] I. To provide a platform for members of S&T committees of the National Assembly to rub minds with professionals and academics, for better insights into the STI System. and best way to approach oversight functions. ii. To assist policy makers to appreciate significance of effective implementation and evaluation of development programmes July 2017 National Assembly Members, Executives, Other Policy Makers
4 Short-Term Course on Turning Knowledge to Wealth: Intellectual Property(IP)Generation & Management in Institutions [Fee: N75,000] I. To expose participants to the basic rudiments of intellectual property; promote the use of IP to improve R&D engagement in institutions; and foster academic industry linkage for effective technology transfer. June 26th - 30th Principal and Senior Officers in Research Institutes
5 Short-Term Course on Programme Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation [Fee: N75,000] i. To expose participants to global best practices on Programme, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation ii. To assist policy makers to appreciate significance of effective implementation and evaluation for development programmes May 8th -12th, 2017 Principal and Senior Officers in MDAs and States
6 Short-Term Course on Strategies for Managing Research Development and Innovation in Public and Private Sector Organisations [Fee: N75,000] I. To expose participants to ways of effectively managing R&D activities and the innovation process July 10th - 14th, 2017 Officers in Directorate Cadre at MDAs
7 Capacity Building Workshop on Performance Based Planning, Budgeting and Evaluation of S&T Projects [Fee: N50,000] I. To guide participants on how to effectively plan and budget for R&D and capital projects in the S&T domain. They will also be equipped with the capacity to evaluate and assess the appropriateness of budget proposals for S&T projects. Aug. 2nd – 4th, 2017 Principal and Senior Officers in MDAs and States
8 Short-Term Course on Corporate Planning & Strategic Management of R&D based public institutions [Fee: N75,000] I. Participants would be able to see technology as a resource that needs to be managed in industry, to plan the development and use technology for competitive advantages. August 14th – 18th, 2017 Officers in Directorate Cadre at MDAs
9 Short-Term Course on S&T Project Monitoring & Evaluation [Fee: N75,000] I. To exposed participant to basic concepts, strategies and best practices in the monitoring and evaluation of technology-based projects from conception to completion. September 4th - 8th, 2017 Principal and Senior Officers in MDAs and States
10 Capacity Building Workshop on Management of States Ministries of Science and Technology To expose participants to: i.how to develop and run workable STI framework at the states iii. provide a platform for policy makers and other stakeholders to interact, share experiences relating to effective utilisation of STI for SD. October 9th-12th, 2017 Director/Principal and Senior Officers in States’ Ministries of Science and Techology other related ministries